Nisyros - Slopers - Giga 5
Nisyros - Slopers - Giga 5
Nisyros - Slopers - Giga 5

Nisyros - Slopers - Giga 5

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Hold count: 1
Material: Dannomond PU
Shaper: Dario Stefanou

Nisyros is a dual texture but mat finish, this line has now 50 holds, all competition style, simple lines, elegant design and very very comfortable.

NISYROS GIGA 1-5 are 5 very big hollow backed holds, amazing for competition style routesetting. They are designed to be used as a group of holds to create uniquely aesthetically pleasing routes.

Easiest to Hardest: Giga 1, Giga 4, Giga, 5, Giga 2, Giga 3.

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